Cut the cost of employee absence


Workplace absence costs the UK economy billions of pounds every year.

With that figure set to rise, you need an effective strategy to deal with absence proactively. A happy, healthy and productive workforce is critical to your business’s success, yet many businesses don’t provide adequate training for their managers to help them handle employee absence.

Download the guide below to find out:

  • How much proactive absence management can save your business
  • What’s involved in a proactive approach
  • How other leading brands are tackling absence

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AdviserPlus help organisations to get the best out of their people by helping managers and HR teams to tackle and resolve workplace issues. AdviserPlus work with organisations of all sizes, across all industry sectors in the UK and overseas, using smart technology and proven HR process expertise.

AdviserPlus provide scalable HR solutions, from outsourced advisory services to licensed case management software, that are designed to help managers tackle and resolve people issues such as absence, discipline and poor performance.

AdviserPlus's solutions provide detailed HR information and insight into the handling and resolution of people issues across your business and help to identify changes that will have a measurable impact on business performance.

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