The case for HR channel shift in your organisation


This whitepaper explores, in detail, the HR landscape and the ever-evolving employee and their needs. It states the case for change required in almost every organisation and provide some tangible steps that can be taken to future-proof yours.

It also looks at technology and how it can be seen both as a driver and a solution for change, as well as the impact that GDPR and other barriers might have and how to overcome them.


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In 1998 two guys from Sydney named JP and Steve launched Squiz, a company that helped organisations create a new web presence

Back then, Squiz was focused on automating many of the expensive and time-consuming aspects of web publishing. We were democratising the creation of websites, especially via the open source movement. And this was radical..

Much has changed since the arrival of Matrix. The web is no longer just a shopfront; it’s now completely transformed the fundamentals of business. The world is rushing to exploit wave upon wave of innovation:

  • Cloud computing - to cut deployment costs and speed up operations

  • Big data - to make better decisions and better use of resources

  • AI and machine learning - to automate and save on human costs

  • Smartphones - to communicate with anyone, anytime, anywhere

  • IoT (internet of Things) - to link the physical world with the digital

In other words, we’re all becoming more efficient, faster, more intelligent, more automated and more connected than ever before. And this represents an enormous opportunity for us.

Squiz is now a global technology company with around 500 employees across the globe in places like Sydney, New York, Edinburgh, London and Melbourne. Technology is still at the heart of what we do. Our software is positioned within three Gartner Magic Quadrants (Enterprise Search, Horizontal Portals and Web Content Management) and we’ve been named as a world leader by Ovum in their Web Content Management Solution Decision Matrix every year since 2012.

Our next phase of growth lies in designing solutions that leverage new waves of innovation. We will help our clients move forward, faster - towards a more productive future that’s driven by new levels of automation, and a host of new services and devices.

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