Market Report Terms & Conditions



Executive Grapevine offers for purchase Executive Search market reports, in digital format for online viewing only. For details of how you can use this content please see below.
Reports are available online. It is your responsibility to check that your equipment suits your needs best and enable you to successfully access the view of your purchased order. Please note that from time to time Executive Grapevine may modify the formats in which the Reports are available, so you should always check before making a purchase.


When you buy any of our content in digital form, what you are buying is the right to use it (or extracts from the same) for your own reference in connection with your business in the following ways only:-
• to view it online;
• to store that content in electronic format on the drive of one hardware device; to print out one copy of that digital content;
• to manipulate any statistical data that is provided with a Report;
• provided that you keep intact all and any copyright and proprietary notices.


You may not use the content in any way not permitted , in particular:
• You may not offer the content for resale.
• You may not cut and paste, scan, photocopy, fax, or in any other way reproduce or copy the content.
• You may not share the content with anybody else.
• You may not distribute the content whether by electronic mail, over any network or otherwise.
• You may not upload the content to any database or server.
• You may not display the content on any website or intranet. When you buy any of our reports, you are permitted to use them in accordance with the copyright notice included in them and in accordance with copyright laws.



To be eligible to place an order for content on the Site, you must:
• be placing an order on behalf of your business and have the necessary authority to do so;
• register by providing the name, address, phone number and contact details of your business in addition to your real name, e-mail address and other required information;
• possess a valid credit or debit card issued by a card issuer acceptable to Executive Grapevine (i.e. Visa, Mastercard or American Express).
• Making a contract
Your order is an offer by you to buy from us. The following steps have to take place before a contract is made online between you and Executive Grapevine:
• You place your order for content and/or any Subscription Services on the Site by pressing the ‘confirm order’ button.
• This button appears at the ‘confirm’ page after you have provided your personal and card details.
• You will see an on-screen acknowledgement that your order is complete. Executive Grapevine will also send you an e-mail acknowledging the content that you have ordered and the total cost of your order.
• In respect of Reports, Executive Grapevine accepts your order, and therefore the contract is made between you and executive Grapevine, Executive Grapevine will then make the content you have purchased available immediately to view online


The prices for content and services quoted on the Site do not include VAT, any equivalent sales tax or delivery.
You will find the total cost of your order, with price, VAT (where applicable) itemised, in your confirmation before you submit your order. Orders for which a UK invoicing address is provided or that are shipped to a UK address will be invoiced in Sterling (£). Orders for which an invoicing address in another EU country is provided or that are shipped to another EU country will be invoiced Euros (€). All other orders will be invoiced in US Dollars ($).
Executive Grapevine currently accepts payment by the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You confirm that the credit card you use to make payment to Executive Grapevine. Executive Grapevine will usually send any invoices to you by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided for invoicing purposes during the registration process.
Subject to credit card authorisation, Executive Grapevine takes payment from your credit card once you have entered your payment details and clicked the ‘Submit your order’ button. In the event that Executive Grapevine is unable to supply the content you have ordered, Executive Grapevine will let you know as soon as possible. In such event, Executive Grapevine will give you a full refund if payment has already been taken.



Executive Grapevine may decline your order for any reason, in which case Executive Grapevine will send you an e-mail telling you so. If the reason for declining your order is because Executive Grapevine cannot obtain authorisation of your payment details for any reason, then executive Grapevine may invite you to pay by another method.
To avoid any doubt, as this Site and its content are intended for business use only, you do not have an automatic right to cancel your contract with Executive Grapevine. We therefore regret that we do not offer refunds or accept returns, except in the case of returns of where we are unable to supply the content you have ordered and for which we have taken payment
Executive Grapevine reserves the right to terminate any contract with you if your payment is not processed for any reason, but you have nevertheless received the content or access to services you have ordered. In such an event, Executive Grapevine may on notice to you withdraw your right to use such content or services (as described above) and require you to delete or return such content, including content obtained through any services provided, as appropriate.


You acknowledge that you might need to view our content using third party software, view and use any of the digital content provided on the site
In order to use such third party software or technology you may have to explicitly accept the terms of a licence agreement with that third party. You acknowledge that Executive Grapevine has no responsibility or control over such third party software or their licence terms.


Executive Grapevine takes your privacy seriously. Please read the Privacy Policy to see what personal information Executive Grapevine collects and how it deals with this information.