Our Teams

Executive Grapevine is full of passionate, creative staff who add value to everything they do.

  • Helen Fish

    Helen Fish

  • Anna Weston

    Anna Weston

  • Chris Lawler

    Chris Lawler

  • Louise Belbin

    Louise Belbin

  • Sabrina Ponte

    Sabrina Ponte

  • Thomas Bell

    Thomas Bell

  • Sarah Loughney

    Sarah Loughney

  • David Murray

    David Murray

  • Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis

  • Olivia Carroll

    Olivia Carroll

  • Ross Laney

    Ross Laney

  • Louise Marshall

    Louise Marshall

  • Samantha Liles

    Samantha Liles

  • Daniel Cave

    Daniel Cave

  • Kieran Howells

    Kieran Howells

  • Sophie Parrott

    Sophie Parrott

  • Jade Burke

    Jade Burke

  • Rick Xu

    Rick Xu

  • Adam Pettigrew

    Adam Pettigrew

  • Matt Bonnar

    Matt Bonnar

  • Jonathan Balallo

    Jonathan Balallo

  • Theo Griffin

    Theo Griffin

  • Joe Jones

    Joe Jones

  • Jack Cooper

    Jack Cooper

  • Gemma Martin

    Gemma Martin

  • Dave Adams

    Dave Adams

  • Jenath Choudhury

    Jenath Choudhury

  • Amy Bardell

    Amy Bardell

Perks and Benefits

Flexible Working Hours

Subsidised Parking

Living Wage Foundation Member

NEST Pension

Speciality Coffee

Buyback Holiday