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Sally Griffin

Chief Financial Officer

I had to eat one pea at dinner for every year of my life until I turned 16 and then I was allowed to choose my vegetables. I have never eaten a pea since!

Anya Chupryna

I’ve always wanted a pet Meerkat... 'Simples'

Sabrina Ponte

Chief Commercial Officer

On a parachute jump, I managed to find the only tree to land into amongst miles and miles of countryside!

Rick Xu

Director of Digital Technology & Channel Development

I'm usually a yes man but I named my cat Nono.

Gemma Martin

I was once attacked by a sea cucumber.

Jake Mattews

Online Editor - HR Grapevine

I was raised in a nunnery & have one kidney.

Ellie Humphryes

I lived in Hong Kong for 12 years but I only know how to say ‘hello’ in Chinese

Jenath Choudhury

Every time I sneeze, I sneeze four times in a row.

Amy Bardell

So I spent £170 on a pair of high heels and have never worn them because I cant walk in them!!!

Sarah Bramley
Sarah Loughney

MI5 once put a phone tap on my Nans phone... complete misunderstanding.

David Adams

I was born on Halloween, people say that explains a lot. Plus I’m allergic to Ribena.

Mike Fish

NED & Executive Coach

I've sailed across the Atlantic three times.

Nisath Rashid

The Rihanna once tweeted me saying she loved me.

Ross Laney

I once took part in the Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous whoopee cushions sits. Unfortunately it’s been beaten since, but I’m proud to say it was the most flatulent moment in my life.

Jack Cooper

I perform stand-up comedy and once poured my drink over a heckler.

Daniel Cave
Tom Bell

Senior VP Sales

My favourite things all seem to start with an F! Family, Friends, Fun, Football, F1, Fosters, Fridays...

Giuseppe Castiglione

VP of Design & Technology

The lashes on my left eye turned pure white after turning 24.

Rianna Fulham

I used to eat paper when I was younger.

Louisa Saunders

I'm also a Yoga Teacher.

Mike Weston

Non-Executive Director

I'm a qualified rock climbing instructor!

Glenna Perry

I went on holiday to the Philippines and ate jellyfish….never again!

Emily Douglas

Online Editor - Business Grapevine

I once swam with dolphins in Mexico on Christmas Day.

Jack Clements

I have an evil twin brother who embrasses himself and I always get the blame!

Adam Pettigrew

I've driven my own car on the Silverstone grand prix circuit.

Anna Weston

Managing Director

I can write backwards faster than I can write forwards (mirror writing!).

Chris Lawler

Director of People Management & Data Protection

I am not a lover of cats as I am allergic to them, but they seem to sense it and seek me out deliberately. I have been attacked several times by random cats.

Helen Fish

Group Chief Executive

I can land a light aircraft.

Emma Jackson

Managing Editor

I once interviewed 2 Unlimited for Saturday Disney and asked them... 'What would you say no no, no no no no, no no no no, to.'

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Look at what we've been up to!
Look at what we've been up to!